Title potato

    Once upon a time, there was a big, fat potato who liked to eat human fecal matter. One day, as he was eating such fecal matter, a nuclear bomb was dropped and blew up the world. The end (not really) you big fat fack. To find out how he perceived such a blast click here to find out.

Potato II

    Now that you have visited the Pen Island, buy a facking pen you potato hating fack.

Potato [7:3]

    "What an awesome* way to die!" the potato said as french fries defensitrate from hiss ashwhole.

Potato The Fourth

    Across the universe, entropy increases slightly, due to a diminutive black hole formed within said potato.

Potato (12:32 PM eastern daylight time everywhere)

    The potato inserted itself withing the earth and, as the black whole consumed him just like the people in this video! It will consume the earth, moon, sun, and all the pokemon in the Kanto AND Johto regions! (-.-)

Potato Numero Seys

    Having eaten its fill, the potato turns to the one and only remaining course of action left: to pooop. Pulling down its potatolike trousers in deep space, our cosmic anomly of a tubery plant braces itself...



    As the solar system came to a standstill it became clear that people should never drop nuclear bombs on feccal-consuming potatoes.Also, one would notice that the potato somehow isnt-

Potato Files: Case #1

    Welp, the Potato blew up and became mashed potatoes. Case Closed. However, notice how there's no one alive to care? It's all your fault USSR! Especially since you weren't the country that dropped the bomba de espanol. Me gusta comer papas fritas!